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3 weeks ago

The Adventure And Thrill Of Kite-Surfing

Kite-surfing is a wind powered surface water sport which makes use of a kite and a board to move across the water surface. Kite-surfing makes use of the power of the wind through a large parachute like kite to make the rider move forward across water on a small board called kite-board. The sport does not need waves although the name includes surfing; the wind force is needed only as the source of power to move forward.

Kite-surfing in Barcelona is considered as a great adventure sport. Mojokite is an international school of kite-surfing based in Barcelona. They have several years of teaching experience in the sport and they know the perfect spots destined for kite-surfing. They take pride in the quality lessons that they offer through the highly experienced instructors having a quota of maximum two pupils per instructor.

The Seasons

It is very unfortunate that Barcelona does not always get wind and all the months are not the same. During the windy times kite-surfing is done to the fullest and in the less windy seasons kite camps are organized. The windy season is from February to June and from September to December. The summer camp is organized in July & August at RIA de Alvor and Portugal whereas the winter camp is held in January in Sal Island and Cape Verde.

The Services Offered

  • The Full Course: This is a full kite course of ten hours where each and every detail of kite-surfing is taught to become an independent kite-surfer. This full course comes at a price of 360 Euros.
  • One Lesson: This is a single lesson of two to five hours designed for those who want to explore this adventurous field or the one who want to advance their learning level. This course comes at a price of 90 Euros.
  • Private Lesson: This is a personal lesson of two hours adapted for the level of each individual. This lesson is good if one wants to learn something specific coming at a price of 150 Euros.
  • Rental: This is a rental service of the full equipment for a kite session for two to five hours comes for 50 Euros.
1 year ago

Your ultimate destination for everything related to kite surfing- mojokite


Kite surfing is one of the very popular water surface sports to be played across the world particularly in the spots of tourist interest near the beach. It is a very extreme sport that combines surfing and gymnastics and hence requires extensive training for becoming skilled in the sport. A number of online store today cater the requirements and gears of kite surfing and mojokites is one of the leading stores for this purpose.

Shopping your requirements at

Based in Barcelona, mojokites is essentially a kite surfing school which also provide rentals of kite surfing gears and the opportunity of kite surfing road trips and even gears for an affordable price. One of the leading Kitesurf shop Barcelona, mojokites offer a number of quality equipments from top brands in the kite surfing business and one can shop at their ease on their website for all the gears they need. If you are not ready to buy a entire kite surfing gear set then you can also choose to invest in the rental of the same and practice and get a hang of the sport first.

Kite surfing lessons at

Beside the rentals and shopping facilities, the company provides kitesurfing courses as well. Once you visit their site, you can come across the extensive courses that are featured at their site. Here you can find various kinds of courses of varied duration and fees and they have one or the other course to suit the need and affordability of the clients. At the site you can get extensive details of the lessons that they provide and even enroll online for them. There full course is of 10 hours and for 320 Euros. They also provide private lessons of 2hours for 150 Euro and similar courses whose details you can check with their site.

Kitesurfing in Barcelona is one popular recreational element that one cannot miss if they ever come here on a holiday. The extensive sandy beached of Barcelona and the sea and high waves are all very ideal for this kind of sport and hence one can have the best experience of their life enjoying kite surfing here.